The Mission

The Mission is to create healthy Kin Domains for a sustainable way of living. The aims of Anastasia Kin Domains  Ltd. is to create a worldwide network of such domains to enable Domains to exchange resources and build better futures and World Peace. The Objectives are to better educate succeeding generations. Better land and wildlife management and

conserve natural resources. To create many Anastasia Kin Domains up and down the breadth of the Uk and even beyond. Kin Domains are Family Homesteads that families keep in perpetuity down the generations. So it is important to select carefully a site where you feel will be your home in the country and that your family line would like to live in. At the same time you can create a Book of Kin or Family History which would contain writings, photographs, storys, artifacts and anything you would like to record or archive for your descendants to see. It would be a place that family members can always return to and therefore a place of rest and recuperation to recharge your batteries. It is a place where your dreams can come true. Naturally you need good neighbours whom you can trust as they do in you. Living 100 metres a part you have both the advantages of  privacy and community.