The Permaculture Garden

Growing our own food in the garden brings an appreciation of the efforts and rewards of eating fresh produce. We become conscious not just of a delicious bowl of new potatoes, but of the very weather that influenced their growth, of the nature of the soil which transubstansiates sunlight and water into our next dinner.

Permenance in any kind of horticulture means building a garden that is as self-sustaining as possible. The sustainable garden is modelled on nature. Nature works on the basis of patterns in many dimensions; ie rivers curve, bees build honeycombs in hexagons.

Edges are the most fruitful place in nature where different ecologies meet. There is something very dead about a garden that is all straight lines. The flowing interactions of gardens designed in curves or hollows invite many more opportunities for variation in light and shade, wind resistance, privacy and mood, and consequently for greatee variety of yield, be that food for the body or the soul. Making as much edge as possible helps because it makes more use of the same area.