Born in the Siberian Forest Anastasia learned to live with nature and the animals.

Communicating with the animals she learned their ways and they in turn provided food for her. After a while she was able to discover the power of the Siberian Cedar tree had both healthy giving properties and astonishing power when mature.

Eventually she met Vladimir and she bore him a son. Here he is giving a lecture on her philosophy in Helsinki. In the back ground youcan see me in a red shirt looking for a microphone. I spoke to Vladimir in English which he did not understand. The lady translator hadto speak in both Finnish and Russian.

I invited him tocome to England togive a talk which he said he could come. The talk was recorded by a member of the audience which has beed translated into English which I will publish. Unfortunately for the vital part their was a hiccup when the battery power ran out but I will put up the video soon.